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Bill Fenton ’65

Bill Fenton

Bill Fenton ’65

Major at MMA: Marine Engineering
Extracurricular involvement while at MMA: Machinist Mate, Ski Club, Football, Basketball (Capt)
Employer: American Export-Isbrandtsen, General Electric Company, Unocal Oil Company

Where has your career taken you since graduation?

I started out with American Export-Isbrandtsen lines, traveling to around the world, and running ammunition to Vietnam on a victory ship. I went to a homecoming and got hired by an alumnus to work for General Electric Company in the Gas Turbine Department in Schenectady, NY. Then I transferred to GE in South Portland, Maine. They decided to move to Greenville, SC. I came home and told my wife they would pay all moving expenses etc. and she wanted to know if I could fly home on weekends, so back to sea I went. I sailed for Unocal for 20 years before retiring, and since then I have been helping retirees that are not happy with their present financial situation.

What is your current title and what are your responsibilities?

My present title is Brand Partner and my responsibilities are to

1) Help others reach financial freedom,

2) Get this opportunity in front of as many people I possibly can, and

3) To invest in the success of others.

What piece of advice would you give to a student going into your field?

Always knock on the door when an opportunity presents itself. While shipping as a Chief Engineer it was always a relief to have an engineer from MMA because I knew they would be motivated to do a job and learn the engine room systems because of their training.

How did the MMA experience prepare you for both your prior positions and your current career focus?

MMA taught us discipline in our daily actions, and tenacity and persistence on the job. Always go the extra mile. Always be in a learning mode. MMA also gave us the self confidence in ourselves, which helped in all applications.

What are your goals for the future?

To help as many people as I can.


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