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Day 33: Shipmates

Today marks 33 days that we have been onboard and the 11th straight day of being in the middle of the ocean with no land anywhere in sight. To say I am proud of the development and leadership-building  practices I see would be an understatement. As the RC (Regimental Commander), I can get bogged down with all the work that is required on a day-to-day basis, but the Midshipmen raise my spirits and make every second unforgettable. They help me enjoy all the little victories that often get overlooked. That is why I wake up everyday and give them my best because they return that same discipline.

We are thriving and morale is high after all our setbacks; we never relented. This group of Midshipmen are special and have proven time and time again what Maine Maritime represents: resilient, dedicated, hard-working, life-long learners. I cannot state enough how proud I am of all the members of this cruise that have put together an experience none of us will forget. In my role as the RC I have the absolute honor of working with all groups of Midshipmen 2/C and 4/C, deck and engine. I have learned a lot about my peers not only as individuals but as leaders. I have watched everyone flourish and grow into amazing shipmates. The care we take of each other is unmatched and you will not find a closer group than the one currently on the T.S. State of Maine.

We have recently launched 4 ARGO Floats that will further research of the salinity of the oceans. This was an outstanding way to unite the whole vessel and reach a goal that we were all excited for. The hard work put in by the Cadet 2nd Mate, 2/C Sage Dentremont, laid the foundation for this great success.

Out of the 246 souls on board, a special 45 souls, the crew, faculty, and staff, pour their hearts and time into all Midshipmen to create the industry’s best mariners. The countless hours, restless nights, and care they dedicate to us, drives us to be our best versions everyday to not let them down. Time is the greatest gift you can give someone because you are giving them a piece of you, you will never get back. This crew, faculty, and staff give us all the time, guidance, and leadership we need so we can be our best reflection of the Academy. Finally, to be apart of this family, build the change we want to see in this world, and be able to add to such an incredible legacy is truly a special, humbling experience. I am proud to be a Maine Maritime mariner and apart of this life-changing experience.

Post by: 2/C Christian Cabrera, MET Bravo Company, Regimental Commander




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