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12 Ways to 12 Weeks Pledge

The 12 Ways to 12 Weeks Pledge

Recognizing that we all play a part in making this a safe and successful semester, I commit to the 12 Ways to 12 Weeks Pledge. I will do my part to limit the spread of COVID-19 by making my own health and safety and that of others a priority.  I will abide by state and local public health guidance and protocols as well as MMA policies.I pledge to:

  1. Wash my hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds and sanitize regularly throughout the day
  2. Practice social distancing, keeping six feet apart whenever possible
  3. Wear a mask on campus, inside and outside
  4. Stay “home” when I am sick
  5. Check my health every day for symptoms
  6. Keep my social circle small and avoid large gatherings, especially indoors
  7. Stay local
  8. Be accountable and respectful and hold others accountable in a respectful way
  9. Keep track of the people that I come in contact with every day
  10. Keep my semester goals in mind
  11. Follow MMA’s safety guidelines and policies
  12. Be flexible and make adjustments as needed.

I recognize that some guidance and protocols are specific to students living in on-campus housing, while others apply to all students. I can find Residential policies in the housing contract at The Student Honor Code of Conduct and Responsibilities has a COVID addendum which will remain in effect until rescinded by MMA. I can find the Code and addendum online at under Policies.

If at any point I am unable to meet my commitments to my fellow community members in this pledge, I will remove myself from campus and either complete the semester remotely or defer until a later term.  If I do not take this step myself, I understand that I will have forfeited the privilege of remaining on campus and, in order to promote health and safety, and MMA may take administrative action to prohibit me from participating in any on-campus activities, including residency.