Watch the live streaming of TSSOM departure from Castine on May 10, 2018.

Port Information

* PortsArrive PortDepart Port
Castine, ME7-May10-May
Cadiz, Spain24-May26-May
Rotterdam, Netherlands31-May2-June
Lisbon, Portugal9-June14-June
(6/10 - Swap Out Day)
Civitavecchia, Italy21-June23-June
Alicante, Spain29-June1-July
Boston, MA12-July12-July
(customs only)
Searsport, ME14-July14-July
Castine, ME14-July16-July (end cruise)

* Ports and port dates are always subject to change.

Email Tips

Email connectivity for the ship is provided via satellite connection. This connection is very expensive. In order to control the costs associated with providing email, the size of messages going through the gateway (inbound and outbound) is limited to 20k. Attachments cannot be accommodated. If an email is greater in size than 20k, it will bounce back to the sender and include instructions for sending again. Please be mindful of the number and size of messages you send while using the system.

Here are a few ways to make sure emails stay under the 20k limit:

  • Eliminate long signatures
  • Only quote (include) relevant parts of original emails in your reply
  • Do not send attachments

Email addresses for students and crew on the training cruise are formatted as