Kristy Rizzitello

Major: OS
Graduation Year: 1999
Current Position: Human Resources/Administration Manager & Co-Owner and Operator
Company: CM Almy & The Outlet, a mixed martial arts and cardio training facility

Kristy Rizzitello graduated in 1999 with a B.S. in Ocean Sciences. Unsure of her next step, Kristy began a career path in business, office management and Human Resources, receiving her Professional Human Resources certification in 2009 while working as an HR Generalist with RH Foster Energy in Hampden. Kristi spent 5 years at home with her children Sophia and Salvatore while volunteering and pursuing another love: instructing fitness and spin classes. In 2015, Kristy and her husband Angelo (’99 MEO) opened their own training facility in Dexter, Maine called The Outlet, specializing in Mixed Martials Arts training. In addition to running The Outlet, Kristy oversees approximately 80 employees as Human Resources/Administration Manager with CM Almy in Pittsfield, Maine.