Lynda Doughty

Major: OS
Graduation Year: 2008
Current Position: Executive Director
Company: Marine Mammals of Maine

Lynda Ada Doughty received her B.S. degree in Marine Science in 2008 from Maine Maritime Academy. She is the founder and Executive Director of Marine Mammals of Maine (since 2011) and is a marine mammal biologist with over 18 years of experience conducting marine mammal response, monitoring and research in collaboration with government agencies, universities and research groups. She ensures funding sources, manages staff and volunteers, and performs animal exams and diagnostic testing. Her work involves traveling to conduct whale necropsies, disentanglement, population studies, tagging studies, disease research, ghost gear recovery and marine debris projects. Her team focuses on human impacts and environmental change on marine mammals in the Gulf of Maine. She was recognized by Portland Press Herald in 2014 as one of 10 Mainers to be thankful for. While at MMA she was a member of the women’s basketball team. Her connections continue at MMA as she has family members who have attended and currently attend the college.