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FAQ & Info

FAQ & General Information

Emergency Number & Health Info

Any emergency, including the need for medical attention, should be directed to the Academy’s Safety Department. Dial 911 or the following:

Night or Day
On campus, from any house phone: Dial Ext. 2479
Off campus, cell phone, or from any campus pay phone:
Dial (207) 326-2479

Health Services - See the flyer in folder for references.

Keys and Cards IMPORTANT!

The academy has a key card entry system. These are Proxy Cards and will give you access to most of the buildings on campus. Please carry these at all times and guard them with your life, possibly keeping them in your name tag holder. They are very expensive to replace and we get charged the loss fee. This fee of $75 will be charged to you if lost.

Name Badges

Wear these at all times. These MUST be worn with a safety pin, no lanyards. It really helps us to get to know one another. First Year Students have a BRIGHT GREEN badge. Remember your first year and be especially helpful, friendly, and inclusive.

For Guests!

Meet and Greet
Sunday, June 9, at 8:00 am

School Office, Leeward, Student Center

This is an informal opportunity to meet other guests. Share your interests and discuss possible activities throughout the week. Over the years, many of our guests have joined forces to golf, bicycle, kayak, hike, play tennis, antique, shop, eat, or sightsee. We will also share ways you can support us during the school week.

Guild School Office/Store | Leeward, Alfond Student Center

This is the working hub of the school. We stay open nearly all day to accommodate your classroom schedules and meet your needs. Come visit, chat, get questions answered, share ideas, buy a t-shirt, browse the library, pick up auction pieces, drop off forms, or pay a bill. Hang out! We love company!

Minis Open Doors Exhibit | Harborview, Student Center

This is a display of miniature art created or collected by Guild School students and instructors. Please let us know if you are not able to view it during the posted hours. We will try to make special arrangements. If you are displaying items, you will need to get them to the exhibit room as soon as you arrive and then pick them up the following Thursday between 12:00 noon and 5:00 pm.

Message/Bulletin Board

Located in the lobby of the Student Center. This is where important notices, daily updates and changes, phone messages, lost and found, mail, flight changes/airport shuttle schedule, and silent auction winners will be posted.

Registration Packet and Forms

Take time to read through these. Much of the information will be of interest to you as you proceed through the week. Your seminar confirmation is in here, as well as your financial statement. Please fill out any forms and return them to the School Office. Use the Checklist.

Be a Star

In keeping with the tradition of the Guild School, you can earn a Shining Star sticker for your name badge. There are many ways to help out and support the school. Giving you a star is our way of saying Thanks!

Airport Shuttle Schedule

The airport shuttle schedule and any flight changes we know of will be posted on the Message Board on Wednesday or Thursday. Let the School Office know ASAP of any flight changes.


If you expect to ship class projects home, you will need to find your own boxes, tape, labels, etc. Watch for posted information on the message board.


There are no ice machines in the dorm buildings. However, an ice chest will be filled and available each evening in the lobby of Curtis.

So much talent will be on display in the exhibit room this year. Many students are bringing pieces that they created. From paintings to pottery, it’s like a small museum.

Be sure to make time to visit the Exhibit room either during the evening receptions or during the day.

You never know what you’ll find!

Laundry Card

Laundry cards can be checked out in the lobby of Curtis Hall. RETURN IMMEDIATELY AFTER USE so the next person can use it.

Policies of Etiquette and Compliance

  • We often try to capture the week’s activities on video or in photographs. We hope to not offend anyone or disrupt anyone’s work. If you would rather not be included, please feel free to step aside.
  • No recording devices are allowed in classrooms without the instructor’s permission.
  • No visiting, observing or working in a classroom while a class is in session unless you are registered for that class.
  • Maine state law prohibits smoking or vaping in the public and dorm rooms of the Academy. It also prohibits walking on campus with alcoholic beverages. The Academy does not allow alcoholic beverages in dorm rooms.
  • Be conscious of those who might be trying to sleep. DO NOT SLAM DOORS, PLEASE! Suggested quiet time between 11:00 pm and 7:00 am.
  • The Guild School has a firm policy restricting students and instructors from selling in the classroom setting or in the dorm rooms. This includes any classroom activity such as seminars. The only exception to this policy is for students who are purchasing supplies or materials from their instructor if it is directly related to their class project.
  • Out of courtesy to our instructors who have spent a good deal of time designing and developing a class project, we require that you do not go home to produce, teach and/or sell the same project made at school.

Go out on the town! Have a dorm party! Read a book. Do laundry (?). Go to bed early. Spend time getting to know new friends or deepening connections with existing ones. Your time is your own.

Upcoming events...

Guild Study Program
Tucson, AZ

September 6-9, 2024
Tucson Sheraton

Featuring classes with:

  • Beth Freeman Kane, (F) - Wildlife Sculpture
  • Kim Stewart, (A) - Woven Chaise Lounge
  • Sue Veeder, (F) - Still Life Painting
  • Tori West, (F) - Paper Clay Vignette

Guild Study Program
Colonial Williamsburg, VA

January 17-20, 2025

Featuring classes with:

  • Pete and Pam Boorum, (A) - Buckets, Firkins, and a Candle Box
  • Mark Murphy, (F) - Side Chair
  • Fran Sussman, (A) - Toy Kitchen
  • Lee-Ann Chellis Wessel, (F) - China Painting

Guild Virtual Learning

Attention: Artisans and Fellows, have you considered teaching for GVL?

We have students, ready, willing and able to support you! The beauty of GVL is teaching and/or taking classes from the comfort of your own studio.

Help us get Cabin Fever 2025 going!


We have a Little Something for Everyone at the IGMA Guild School
September 17-22, 2024
HIlton Hasbrouck Heights, NJ

Intructors and Quality Dealers Wanted
For Information and Applications:

Check back often as we update the site with classes, dealers and events!

Please check our website for more details on these events at

And most importantly, support your Guild. We all love miniatures, taking classes, and sharing our knowledge. Volunteer and maintain your membership. If you have any questions please contact our Guild Administrator, Sophia Harris at 831-724-7974 or email her at

image Jeanie Anderson, Director
129 Clarke Street
Syracuse, NY 13210

image International Guild of Miniature Artisans, Ltd.
P.O. Box 3643
Hollywood, FL 33083
800.711. IGMA