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Bite U App
Pre-order meals and manage your account by using the Bite Universities app at Maine Maritime Academy today!

FAQ & How-To's

How do I setup Bite Universities app so I can order now?

Bite-Universities Setup is a five steps process:

  1. Logon to and (if you haven’t already) register your MMA ID.
  2. Download and create an account
  3. Go to the PAY tab and ACTIVATE your Card using your Campus Card Center credentials
  4. Then, check out current menus for the Main Dining Room in the ‘Menus’ Tab
  5. Place your order for pickup from the Main Dining Room or the Waypoint using the ‘Order’ tab

For additional information and instructional videos, please visit our website

I’m not seeing the ‘Pay’ tab on the Bite Universities app - what should I do?

Please make sure that you have the most up-to-date version of Bite-University on your device.

Previous versions will allow you to see the Main Dining Hall menus but will not have ordering or payment capabilities.

Why is my MMA ID login not working?

For most guests, there are two reasons that your login may not be working.

  1. You have not yet registered your MMA ID Card on MMA’s Campus Card Center. To register, please visit and click ‘Register Now’. Please note: This login is NOT your MMA login credentials.
  2. You are entering the login credentials improperly. Your Campus Card Center username and password are case-sensitive so make sure to double-check how you enter your information. However, if you have registered your account, are using prospering casing, and are still having issues connecting, please contact

Do I have to use the Bite Universities app to order food for pick-up?

In the Main Dining Room:

Yes, you will need to use Bite-Universities to be able to pre-order food for pick-up from the Main Dining Hall.

In the Waypoint:

In the Waypoint, you will be able to purchase meals for takeout either with the Bite app or by ordering at the counter. Due to the Waypoint’s current capacity limitations and the added convenience of picking your meal up at a specific time, we do recommend pre-ordering through the Bite app.

I have successfully linked my card, but when clicking “Show Balances” in the Bite Universities app, my available balances are not showing up. What can I do?

Some faculty and staff are noticing this error, but are still able to make a purchase. We are currently investigating.

If you see this happen in your account, please try checking your balance again. Sometimes there is a lag as the app updates your account.

If you still are unable to see your balance and would like to make a purchase, please place your order by selecting ‘Mariner Money’ as your preferred payment method at checkout.

If your purchase is declined again, please contact We will ask you for the following information to help solve the issue: your MMA ID number (front of card), and the time at which you were declined. Please have both ready.

Do faculty and staff have to order through the Bite Universities app for the Main Dining Room?

Yes. Due to current capacity limitations, MMA has prioritized Main Dining seating for MMA Student Meal Plan holders. At this time, faculty and staff can only pick up orders from the Main Dining Hall by using the Bite app and using Mariner Money.

Faculty and staff may dine in the Waypoint and can place orders at the counter or by using the Bite app. All methods of payment will be accepted at the register.

We will continue to monitor capacity limitations in both venues and make changes to this policy as appropriate.

I have successfully linked my account, have money on my account but I’m getting a payment error message?

If your account is showing a balance in Bite when you click ‘Check Balances’ in the ‘Pay’ screen, please make sure that you are choosing the correct payment method when you check out

‘Board’ is the default payment method in the Main Dining Room and ‘Flex’ is the default for Waypoint.

Why am I seeing Waypoint and Waypoint Coffee as two separate options?

Due to our “We Proudly Brew” licensing agreement with Starbucks, we are required to utilize a separate Bite menu for the Waypoint’s Starbucks made-to-order offerings.

If you are ordering from both menus, you will need to place two separate orders.