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Day 31: Utility Fun

Today is June 5th, Marking the 31st day of our time aboard TSSOM.

The company Rotation is the following:

Alpha: Watch

Bravo: Utility

Charlie: Training

Delta: Maintenance

I am currently writing this cruise blog from our IT office onboard. There are jobs for students to earn money while underway, with working for our IT department being one of them. The weather over the past couple of days including today has been phenomenal. I am reaping the consequences from bathing in the sun today, so I will stay indoors and protect my now red arms. This morning, Midshipmen got a glance at the launch of the second of six ARGO floats we have been entrusted to launch. For utility today, Bravo company was tasked with cleaning the ladder wells (stairs), one of our mess decks, and the public heads (bathrooms). Utility carries out the vital task of keeping our ship clean daily, processing our garbage, and keeping the crew well fed on our mess decks. We have begun giving 2/C the opportunity to run a utility day and take on a leadership role. I am thrilled because now I get a well-deserved break from running the show. I still have responsibilities as company commander though, as on Bravo utility days I am tasked with inspecting the 4/C Berthing accommodations for cleanliness and to ensure all gear is stowed for any rough seas we may encounter along our voyage. Regardless of duties and cleaning tasks, I must say utility is my favorite day of the rotation as the workday is typically shorter, giving midshipmen a chance to kick back and take a well-deserved rest.

After our morning and afternoon jobs ended, I headed to work. I worked on messing around with a computer game that we plan to use in a morale event down the road. My colleagues watched me struggle to play, which provided some quality entertainment. Also, 2/C Waterman and I helped various students and staff onboard with their computer troubles.

We are three days out from our first real port call besides our retreat to Castine, and I am looking forward to wandering around Spain taking in the sights and putting the Spanish I learned back in school to use. It is currently 1400 UTC, (1000 Maine time). I plan on working until 1700, getting some good chow and falling back to my room to unwind before a long day of training and PowerPoints tomorrow. From somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic, this is 2/C Dorval signing off.

Post By: 2/C Ethan Dorval, MET Bravo Company Commander

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