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Day 32: One Whole Month

It has been officially over a month since we boarded TSSOM for our freshman and junior cruise. As these daily updates have informed it has been a month full of ups and downs, but today for sure will stand out as one of the ups. Like mentioned on our day 30 blog post, I was fortunate enough to join 2/C Sage Dentremont in assisting in the deployment of our 6 WHOI ARGO Float Buoys. Today marks the 4th float deployed and by far our most successful deployment yet. This also marks the last Float that we will deploy until our return trip across the Atlantic from Portugal to Canada, during that leg we will deploy the final two Floats.

This has been such a great opportunity, to have been able to see the planning and organization of 2/C Sage Dentremont that started weeks before my involvement and the start of cruise, to witnessing the coordination of the ship’s crew in order to facilitate the specific drop locations for each float. This has also given everyone onboard the opportunity to witness and understand how these devices are deployed and the contributions they make to understanding our oceans. The data that these devices will collect will eventually be used to help track the effects of global warming all the way to hurricane predictions, all things that affect us on the daily, especially as mariners.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us along the way in these deployments, we are now contributing to our understanding and bettering of our planet. Big shout out again to 2/C Sage Dentremont, without her diligent work and leadership none of this would have been a possibility. And finally, we would all like to thank Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute for partnering with Maine Maritime Academy and allowing all of us to be involved in such a grand project.

Post By: 4/C Rafael Rodriguez Perez, MTO Delta Company


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