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Castine, ME

Time: 1404

Position: Castine, Maine

Good Afternoon,

Between some technical difficulties and end of semester exams I have been crazy busy, but now safely alongside in Castine, I have some time!

We cruised back across the Atlantic at 11 knots. Last I wrote, we were heading into some weather creating 3.5 meter seas. I definitely have gotten better at adjusting to the movement of the ship having been on cruise. Four days ago we conducted an eight hour “Full Power” run gathering some data from the engine room. Our time/weather contingent plan was to move the quieter E-Motor once we get closer to Cape Cod and do some whale watching which should be fun however, heavy fog made it difficult to see much. In maintenance, I helped work on dis-assembling a lube oil purifier. The instruction manual was easy to follow but finding the right tools was difficult. With so many people needing tools for many different projects, finding a specific size socket is borderline impossible.

I was busy preparing for the exams that we take at the end of cruise. Even though we hadn’t finished yet, but it was hard to not think about getting off the ship. It is really incredible to see how much my friends and I have adapted to life aboard the TSSOM. Maintenance tasks, watch rotations, training classes and utility jobs, check the days off one by one. Several days ago, while putting on my boots like I have done every day since cruise started, I surprised myself with how comfortable the rhythm had become. My family has always done things based off of inspiration. Whether it is tubing adventures down the river next to my house or going camping as a family without a campsite in mind, having a schedule dictate my life was a new experience. I felt kind of offended that I was ok with swinging out of my bunk every morning like clockwork; accepting the repetition. However, as I made my way out on deck that morning, I was reminded how much adventure there was to appreciate. The warm breeze and the crisp horizon, dotted with billowing clouds was waiting for me as I hiked up the stairs. What other college experience even comes close? I often have to do a reality check, remembering that I am in the middle of the Atlantic with my friends as we work to keep our ship running and pointed in the right direction. How much more exciting does it get? While cruise is a controlled environment where our cadet contributions often feel inconsequential and redundant, I have learned a great deal from experienced captains and engineers who care about our development into licensed mariners. On cruise, I have also learned how much I do not know and the years of experience I do not have. I am VERY ready for the few weeks I have before school starts up again, to relax and recharge, but I am excited for the coming years and how they will prepare me for what I have had a taste for this summer.

We tied up in Castine around 0800 on the 19th as planned despite dense fog. I just returned my life jacket and immersion suit to the safety locker. I am fully packed and will clean till liberty is sounded. Thank you all for patiently following along!

Attached are some photo submissions with pics from the whole cruise! Look for friends and family!

If you have any comments or questions, shoot me an email at

Signing off!

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