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Terms to Know
Terms to Know

Acronyms for Majors

  • MEO - Marine Engineering Operations
  • MET - Marine Engineering Technology
  • MSE - Marine Systems Engineering
  • PEO - Power Engineering Technology
  • PET - Power Engineering Operations
  • IBL - International Business & Logistics
  • MB - Marine Biology
  • MS -Marine Science
  • MTO - Marine Transportation Operations
  • VOT - Vessel Operations and Technology
  • SVO - Small Vessel Operations


  1. The lowest part of a ship’s hull
  2. The Curtis Hall recreational space that hosts a kitchen, TVs, Video Game Lounge, Tabletop games, board games and general lounge space


Campus Activities Board consists of a group of students who plan and execute upwards of 100 programs each year.


The formal term for a hat worn by a midshipman.


Desk Assistants have the responsibilities of maintaining and overseeing the Curtis Hall front desk. Desk Assistants are present to ensure the main entrance and communications center for Res Life and Curtis Hall is staffed nearly 24 hours a day.


The American flag on the stern of a ship that one salutes when boarding or unboarding.

Fall In

A command given, meaning to drop what is being done and stand in formation at the position of attention to be prepared to carry out the next order.

Mess Deck

  1. The Main Dining Room located in Alfond Student Center
  2. The dining area on a ship


Midshipmen Training Officer (an undergraduate student who guides new Regimental Students through their transition)


Midshipmen Under Guidance is a term used to describe new members of the Regiment of Midshipmen during RPT and their first several weeks of school, or MUG Month. After RPT, MUGs begin classes while continuing to be guided by their training cadre through MUG Month. The finale of this intense, focused training includes several competitions to demonstrate their new skills the morning before the Regimental Induction Ceremony. MUGs will take the Oath of Midshipmen and become 4th Class, or 4/C, members of the Regiment.


A formal gathering of Midshipmen who are assigned to the same section, class , or company, for the purpose of inspection, accountability, display, or exercise.


A Non-Regimental student does not participate in the Regiment of Midshipmen, or a student who is independent of the Regiment of Midshipmen.


  1. The Regiment of Midshipmen allows students to apply for nontraditional student status within the Regiment if they are: 24 years of age or older, married, or a veteran with at least 2 years of military service and an honorable discharge
  2. According to the ANTSHE (Association of Nontraditional Students in Higher Education) nontraditional students may have the following characteristics: being independent for financial aid purposes, having one or more dependents, being a single caregiver, not having a traditional high school diploma, delaying postsecondary enrollment, attending school part time, and being employed full time.


Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps


Orientation Coordinator- A student who works with for the Academy full time all summer to help plan and facilitate New Student Orientation. OC’s fulfill all leadership rolls of OL’s while holding additional responsibilities throughout the summer and orientations. They are friendly faces to new students and work to make their transition to MMA smooth.


Orientation Leaders- Student ambassadors to the incoming class. OL’s are responsible for assisting new students in their transition to college life during summer orientation sessions and throughout the academic year.


Plan of the day for regimental students; an interesting and vital information sheet published daily to disseminate the news of the Academy's world.


Main point of entry


The Resident Assistant position is one of the most responsible student leadership positions on campus. Charged with the roles of mentor, peer, friend and disciplinary, an RA must be a Jack-of-All-Trades. RAs are highly qualified students who have a passion for higher education and student involvement on campus.


A midshipmen who holds a position within the chain of command.


Regimental Student (a student participating in The Regiment of Midshipmen)


Regimental Preparatory Training; prepares MUGs for regimental life.


Gossip, rumor; also a drinking fountain.


Student Government Association - peer elected individuals that represent the student body. For more information visit the Student Government Association page.


Where patients' medicines and all-purpose cures are dispensed.


A polite way of asking your name.


Strategic Sealift Officer Program


TSSOM stands for the Training Ship, State of Maine. The TSSOM is owned by the United State Maritime Administration that is operated by the Academy for training purposes. The TSSOM was built in 1990 as a Fast Oceanographic Research Vessel named the USNS Tanner. The ship plays a large role in licensed students education. To learn more about the TSSOM, please visit the fact page here. (

Turn In

To go to bed.


Midshipman officers who are in charge of the regiment and its organization. For full list of positions visit the Midshipman Leadership page.


A critical component to being a leader in any field is being time conscious and having the ability to manage our time effectively. Many of you are familiar measuring time in 12 hour increments, however this can often cause confusion as to AM or PM hours. For matters of convenience and clear communication you will now measure time in 24 hour increments starting at 0000 and going until 2359. All Regimental Events will be posted using the 24 hour format therefore it is critical that midshipman learn and utilize this format if they wish to be successful during their time here.
24 Hour Cycle 12 Hour Cycle
0000 Midnight
0100 1 AM
0200 2 AM
0300 3 AM
0400 4 AM
0500 5 AM
0600 6 AM
0700 7 AM
0800 8 AM
0900 9 AM
1000 10 AM
1100 11 AM
1200 Noon
1300 1 PM
1400 2 PM
1500 3 PM
1600 4 PM
1700 5 PM
1800 6 PM
1900 7 PM
2000 8 PM
2100 9 PM
2200 10 PM
2300 11 PM
2400 Midnight


Waypoint Snack Bar (the dining and social recreation area on the bottom floor of the Alfond Student Center)