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Cost of Attendance

Cost of Attendance

The actual Cost of Attendance (COA) is unique for each student (where they are from, their major, etc.). The cost to attend MMA has two different types of costs – Direct Costs and Indirect Costs. When they are added together, that is your student’s COA.

Direct Costs – These are all of the fees that you have to pay. These include tuition, room and board (meals), general fees, licensing fees (for those in an unlimited license program), and Regiment uniforms and items (unlimited license programs only).

Indirect Costs – These are variable fees and may or may not be applicable to your student. An example is the laptop fee – if your student already has a laptop that meets the necessary standard (e.g. operating system, memory, etc.), the laptop fee can be removed from your student’s bill. Additionally, the cost of books may be lower or higher based on your student’s classes, while travel to and from home and personal/miscellaneous expenses can also vary in amount.

2019-2020 Maine Maritime Cost of  Attendance

Cost of Attendance

Cost of Attendance – Fees & Expenses

The COA at MMA is based upon an entire year (Fall, Spring, Summer) and includes Direct and Indirect Costs combined – there are no surprise or hidden fees – all of our fees and costs are up front. Unlike other state maritime academies, we include everything and explain what each fee/cost covers! When considering the financial aid offer from a particular school, or in comparing aid offers from multiple schools, you need to weigh your cost expectations against each school’s estimated total COA. The goal of this comparison is to better decide if you and/or your student can realistically manage the costs given the resources available to your family and the financial aid being offered by each school.Please visit the Financial Aid website here for costs and additional information.

For tips to afford higher education and other important and useful information, visit the Finance Authority of Maine (FAME) website here.