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Below are a few frequently asked questions from other prospective students and their families.


How hands - on is the education?

All majors embed basic general education requirements into the curriculum. Unlike other institutions students at MMA begin taking major related course work their first semester. General education courses, although few typically focus on a marine or maritime aspect. While visiting campus you can see the many hands-on laboratories used across all majors. We define hands-on learning.

Academic success and retention – what are your numbers?

Undergraduate enrollment each year varies from 280-310 students, with the total enrollment under 1,000 students. Program highlights include:

  • 95% - Average first time freshman retention from fall to spring
  • 69% - Average first time freshman 4-year graduation rate
  • 69% - Average admissions acceptance rate
  • 3.07 average student-athlete GPA (spring term 2019)

Sports or Academics – can I continue to participate in college?

Students have many opportunities at MMA to be involved. We encourage students to continue to play a sport, join a club or organization and be active. Studies show that student involvement outside of the classroom improve their leadership and interpersonal skills while also increasing their self-confidence. Extracurricular involvement allows students to link academic knowledge with practical experience, thereby leading to a better understanding of their own abilities, talents, and career goals. Are you interested in:

  • Athletics
  • Castine Fire & Rescue
  • MMA Sea Scout Ship 1941
  • Waterfront Activities
  • Student Government
  • On campus employment
  • Scuba Diving
  • And many more opportunities

Why do you have a Regiment of Midshipmen?

The short answer is that the United States Coast Guard mandates that students pursuing a course of study in an unlimited license major be enrolled in a regimented program, to include wearing of uniforms and adhering to a demerit based discipline system. Beyond the Federal requirement, however, members of Maine Maritime Academy’s Regiment of Midshipmen gain real benefits of belonging to a cadre of students focused on developing into maritime professionals. The Regiment of Midshipman is an environment in which both followership and leadership are taught on a daily basis. Students have continuous opportunities for unlimited personal growth in addition to leadership roles within the Regiment and onboard our training ship State of Maine. Our students learn to take care of their shipmates, develop self-confidence, and gain camaraderie through teamwork. As a part of the course of study in which each Midshipman is enrolled, the Regiment teaches the intangible skills required for success in the industry regardless of whether they go to sea on their license, or pursue shore-side opportunities. The leadership, interpersonal skills and confidence gained make Maine Maritime graduates stand out amongst their peers.

Voluntary regiment – what is that and why?

The Regiment of Midshipman is essentially a leadership laboratory available to all Maine Maritime Academy students. While not required for those students outside of the unlimited license programs, voluntary members of the Regiment have served in nearly every leadership capacity within the Regimental structure and develop skills that support their future success. Becoming a member of the Regiment helps students realize they are capable of conquering self-doubt. Beginning with our ten day Regimental Preparatory Training, students prove to themselves that they can accomplish anything through hard work and determination. Being a voluntary member of the Regiment creates an immediate sense of belonging to a group of students dedicated to pursuing their professional and personal goals and instills strong personal pride. The Regiment structure provides leadership opportunities at every level through which our students develop interpersonal and managerial skills essential for their professional success while reinforcing camaraderie throughout a student’s Maine Maritime Academy journey.

I want to visit the Bookstore...

We encourage families to visit the bookstore hours on their website as they change to accommodate different on campus events. You can also use their site to order gear or buy books.

Athletic teams offer sport specific team stores throughout the year with exclusive deals through our partners at BSN Sports. Stock items are available 24/7 on our department team store.

We live far away – as a student what do I need to know?

Generally 40-45% of our students live outside of Maine, as a community we recognize this. Many times our in state students become surrogate families for our out of state students. Castine community members also volunteer to serve as sponsors to out of state students to provide support and introduction to the local community. Sponsors invite students to their homes for dinner, take them shopping, help to arrange transportation home at vacation periods, and invite students to join family activities. Sponsors often cheer on their sponsorees at home athletic contests and other celebrations of achievement. You are not just a student at MMA you are part of our family!

I have a learning disability, where can I get more information?

Accessibility Services assists students in securing need-based accommodations consistent with their disabilities. In accord with all federal and state regulations, Maine Maritime Academy is committed to providing students with the support and access needed to achieve one’s academic potential. Common accommodations for qualified students include, but are not limited to, extra time on tests, use of MMA’s testing center, copies of student notes, assistive technology, and alternative-format textbooks.

What Active Duty opportunities do you have?

Maine Maritime Academy offers students several ways to serve their Country. Located on campus the MMA NROTC offers both an Unrestricted Line Active Duty Commission for all students and a Navy Reserve Commission in the Strategic Sealift Officer Program (SSOP) for students in the unlimited license program. Along with Navy opportunities we have several students who will look to Army ROTC with our cross town affiliate, UMaine Orono, as well as students who join the Maine Army Guard and Air Guard. Lastly, we have two commissioning programs with the Coast Guard, one through Officer Candidate School for all students and one through MARGRAD for unlimited license majors. However you want to serve - we will help you get there!

How can I learn more about the career options?

Career Services works with students throughout their college experience to develop the skills, ethics and knowledge necessary to succeed in the global economy. MMA graduates are committed to their industry, know the value of hard work, and understand what it means to be professional. The job placement rate for MMA graduates regularly exceeds 90% within 90 days of graduation and MMA alumni are recognized around the world for excellence in leadership and integrity.