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Sara Stentardo ’24

Sara Stentardo in Fall

Sara Stentardo ’24

Hometown: Tarvisio, Italy
Major: Marine Systems Engineering (5 year)

What is your favorite class at MMA so far? (What has been your favorite hands-on lab/class/experience so far?)

I loved Engineering Design because we actually got to design our own miniature boat! It had to be able to power itself to cross the pool.

Why did you choose MMA?

I chose MMA because apart from the fact that it is an excellent college, the fact that it is a smaller campus meant to me that it would be a way more personal experience.

Which professor inspires you? Why?

I don’t know enough professors yet to say that they “inspire me.” But I can say that Professor Lapham is a great teacher to have because he is always prepared and knows how to explain Calculus in a way that most of us understand it, which makes attending lectures way better.

What do you miss about MMA now that we are remote learning?

I miss living in the dorms with all my friends, and definitely my roommate. Also not being able to have face to face conversations with professors, but instead  just have to stare at a screen all day.

Beyond classes, what is your favorite extracurricular activity you participate in?

I am not very active outside of academics and the regiment. But I can say I miss walks and watching the sunset in Castine!

What is your dream job?

I would love to be a project engineer and use my language skills to work all over the world.

What is your favorite place you have traveled to in the world? Why?

I have been to many places but at the end of the day Italy, my sweet home, will forever be my favorite place.

Do you have any advice for incoming students making their decision to attend MMA?

Don’t be scared, I know it’s a big step in life, but there are so many amazing memories incoming!

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