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Ashley Porter ’21

Ashley Porter ’21

Hometown: Cutler, Maine
Major: Power Engineering Technology
Extracurricular involvement: Women’s Varsity Soccer, Society of Women Engineers

What has been your favorite class at MMA?

So far, my favorite class has been Calculus I. I have always liked taking math classes, and the professors here make it especially interesting and enjoyable to learn.

What do you love about the MMA community?

I love the people who belong to the MMA community; the ones who create the welcoming and supportive reputation it holds. Something the Academy stresses are the many options on campus for help and guidance in or outside of the classroom.

What are your hopes for the future?

My hopes for the future are to make the best of my years at MMA, graduate with a degree in Power Engineering, and utilize that degree in the industry.

Why did you pick MMA?

I chose MMA because of its amazing reputation, high job placement rating, and the environment of the campus. Education and preparedness for beyond graduation is taken very seriously here, and that is what was most important to me.

What would you say to a prospective MMA student?

I would say that choosing MMA is a great use of your time and money. If you work hard, set goals, and push yourself, the outcome of attending and getting involved at this school can be extremely rewarding.

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